ASAPA presents

Animethon 27

Aug 7 - 9 / 2020 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Staff Credits


Co-Chair 1Bryan K
Co-Chair 2Vlad P


SecretaryKieran J
Assistant SecretaryAnabel M
Administrative StaffDanning F
Administrative StaffAJ J
Administrative StaffSam Camminga C
Administrative StaffJessica H
TreasurerJessica S
Assistant TreasurerJessikah Marie J
Treasury StaffDana L
Treasury StaffQai G
Treasury StaffPreet D
Treasury StaffJeff R
Treasury StaffPatrick L
Treasury StaffHarry W

Safety and Policy Compliance

Director of SafetyMichael D
Assistant Director of SafetyStephane D
Exhibitor Policy CoordinatorAnn-Marie P
Exhibitor Policy StaffWyne L
Exhibitor Policy StaffPauline F
Exhibitor Policy StaffSunny K
Exhibitor Policy StaffAlice R
Exhibitor Policy StaffTanis P
Exhibitor Policy StaffJenny K
Prop Check CoordinatorAlexia W
Prop Check Assistant CoordinatorDanning F
Prop Check StaffCassandra C
Prop Check StaffAudrey B
Safety Schedule CoordinatorCatherine S
Safety Schedule CoordinatorJerome W
Safety Team LeadLouis D
Safety Team LeadRory W
Safety Team LeadPamela P
Safety Team LeadThilan W
Safety Team LeadDavid P
Safety Team LeadDavid D
Safety StaffAsher K
Safety StaffRylea C
Safety StaffDerek Y
Safety StaffSandy T
Safety StaffCarl S
Safety StaffDale C
Safety StaffAlex T
Safety StaffCalista S
Safety StaffWilliam S
Safety StaffHuy P
Safety StaffAaron L
Safety StaffJohn H
Safety StaffJenny Z
Safety StaffCharlie C
Safety StaffNam P
Safety StaffAlycia W
Safety StaffNadia Court S
Safety StaffTimothy S
Safety StaffNico R
Safety StaffTyler D
Safety StaffDarpan K
Safety StaffJonathan N
Safety StaffIan H
Safety StaffJessica J
Safety StaffMae C
Safety StaffIan S
Safety StaffGeovani L
Safety StaffSam K
Safety StaffSebastian K
Safety StaffCarl Z
Safety StaffLawrence L
Safety StaffChloe C
Safety StaffSean J
Safety StaffGregory D
Safety StaffKatie L
Safety StaffLyss B
First Aid ManagerStan B
First Aid Assistant ManagerThomas B
First Aid StaffKarlee M
First Aid StaffMorgan B
First Aid StaffCharlotte Y
First Aid StaffRosario G
First Aid StaffCasey K
First Aid StaffBella T
First Aid StaffChris T
First Aid StaffEJ M
First Aid StaffBlaze B
First Aid StaffPam B
First Aid StaffJon B
First Aid StaffRiz T

Human Resources

Director of HRKevin M
Assistant Director of HRJulia P
Hospitality ManagerKristen S
Accommodations CoordinatorSherry L
Parking CoordinatorJames W
Preservations CoordinatorMack D
Registration ManagerJennie G
Registration Assistant ManagerWiggles W
Registration Assistant ManagerAngela G
Registration StaffHelen T
Registration StaffVicki K
Registration StaffElizabeth K
Registration StaffJulia S
Registration StaffKim W
Registration StaffElizabeth T
Registration StaffSarah W
Registration StaffBirdie S
Registration StaffAngela M
Registration StaffChristopher H
Registration StaffTina Q
Registration StaffJasmine L
Registration StaffJojo M
Registration StaffAaron K
Registration StaffChristine C
Registration StaffAnne M
Personnel ManagerTracy H
Personnel StaffAymee M
Personnel StaffFitz D
Personnel StaffVal G
Staff Hiring CoordinatorYvonne N
Volunteer CoordinatorCindy Q
Schedule & Training CoordinatorJon I


Director of ProgrammingJenny L
Assistant Director of ProgrammingClara T
Special Events LeadDiana N
Special Events LeadWendy G
Special Events LeadYan Z
Special Events LeadChloe L
Special Events LeadDaniel W
Special Events LeadStefie S
Special Events LeadShelah K
Special Events LeadJessica M
AMV CoordinatorVlad P
AMV Assistant CoordinatorJason F
AMV StaffRory M
AMV StaffTroy W
Butler Cafe CoordinatorYee M
Butler Café Assistant CoordinatorTalia M
Butler Cafe StaffRyan B
Butler Cafe StaffGabe L
Butler Cafe StaffAlvin H
Butler Cafe Staffharu S
Butler Cafe StaffAndi M
Butler Cafe StaffSamuel B
Butler Cafe StaffSeo L
Butler Cafe StaffBucky T
Butler Cafe StaffReuben S
Butler Cafe StaffMiranda M
Cosplay CoordinatorNicole L
Cosplay Assistant CoordinatorTara C
Cosplay StaffKailey R
Cosplay StaffToast K
Cosplay StaffTaylor R
Cosplay StaffJamie R
Cosplay StaffMolly B
Maid Cafe CoordinatorJennifer Z
Maid Cafe Assistant CoordinatorSamantha M
Maid Cafe StaffReanna Y
Maid Cafe StaffIlse K
Maid Cafe StaffDaphne M
Maid Cafe StaffChristina Z
Maid Cafe StaffCarolina S
Maid Cafe StaffRichelle Z
Maid Cafe StaffCherry C
Maid Cafe StaffIsabel B
Maid Cafe StaffKyall S
Maid Cafe StaffSteph M
Maid Cafe StaffRandy M
Maid Cafe StaffCherry C
Maid Cafe StaffMin T
Panel CoordinatorTheresa N
Panel Assistant CoordinatorAndrew O
Panel StaffLisa M
Panel StaffCassidy Z
Panel StaffVickie M
Video Media CoordinatorSteffen B
Video Media Assistant CoordinatorKristina G
Gaming ManagerRay W
Gaming Assistant ManagerVictor T
Gaming Team LeadVince L
Gaming Team LeadAly V
Gaming Team LeadJj V
Gaming StaffAnthony M
Gaming StaffNathan B
Gaming StaffElise L
Gaming StaffSheldon M
Gaming StaffAsh R
Gaming StaffSharlene S
Gaming StaffCam D
Gaming StaffJustin A
Gaming StaffRowan D
Gaming StaffAlex S
Gaming StaffVincent K
Gaming StaffRyan M
Gaming StaffKyle R
Gaming StaffJustin D
Gaming StaffAndrew T
Gaming StaffJordan M
Gaming StaffMorgan L
Gaming StaffRyan P
Gaming StaffDylan S
Gaming StaffAaron S
Guest Relations ManagerDerek L
Guest Autographs CoordinatorAshley H
Guest Autographs Assistant CoordinatorSnow Z
North American Guest ManagerAndrea W
North American Guest Assistant ManagerRachel Z
Overseas Guest ManagerCheryl C
Overseas Guest Assistant ManagerSarah Z
Guest StaffRachel B
Guest StaffAlice B
Guest StaffWeldon S
Guest StaffJenny T
Guest StaffKazuki U
Guest StaffAustin L
Guest StaffAshley R
Guest StaffVictor A
Guest StaffEyobe M
Guest StaffJenn Y
Guest StaffEddy T

Public Relations

Director of PRMary N
Assistant Director of PRDanny L
Advertising CoordinatorChris Triff T
Community Events CoordinatorChelsea H
Mascot CoordinatorAshley D
Mascot StaffHope A
Mascot StaffAreal H
Mascot StaffTammy D
Mascot StaffSam P
Information Desk ManagerJustina C
Information Desk Assistant ManagerKelly R
Information Desk Assistant ManagerSteven N
Information Desk StaffHilda S
Information Desk StaffYves T
Information Desk StaffJoel L
Information Desk StaffAzura H
Photo/Video CoordinatorRyan K
Photo/Video Assistant CoordinatorNanc P
Photo/Video StaffAndrew M
Photo/Video StaffRachel Y
Photo/Video StaffClayton or Clay H
Photo/Video StaffJenn D
Photo/Video StaffKelvin W
Purchasing CoordinatorHani A
Press/Media CoordinatorHayley M
Social Media CoordinatorKarman N
Social Media Assistant CoordinatorBernie K
Social Media StaffPaige B
Social Media StaffAnthony T
Social Media StaffJoshua C
Social Media StaffCourteney P
Design CoordinatorHayley M
Design StaffJaimie L
Design StaffPaige B
Design StaffMarie E
Design StaffAleia C
Guidebook CoordinatorGerry R
Signage CoordinatorMichael A
Signage Assistant CoordinatorReeva B
Signage Assistant CoordinatorAlice S
Merchandise ManagerVivi N
Event Merchandise CoordinatorAlbert L
Event Merchandise Assistant CoordinatorTharah B
Guest Merchandise CoordinatorShelby H
Guest Merchandise Assistant CoordinatorJonathan J
Merchandise StaffKhadijah S
Merchandise StaffKylie B
Merchandise StaffAmanda W
Merchandise StaffBenson W
Merchandise StaffMichelle N
Merchandise StaffVince D
Merchandise StaffAidan B
Merchandise StaffJonathan M
Merchandise StaffLiam J
Merchandise StaffJustin L
Merchandise StaffRhoel L
Merchandise StaffAdrian D
Merchandise StaffIsaac D
Pin Trading CoordinatorDarian W
Pin Trading Assistant CoordinatorDavid V
Web DeveloperMolly B

Site Operations

Director of SiteNathen V
Assistant Director of Site OperationsJB C
Communications Assistant CoordinatorNikki F
Slack Communications StaffSebastien P
Slack Communications StaffGreg B
Radio Communications StaffTrent R
Radio Communications StaffSarah R
Exhibitor ManagerAmanda A
Exhibitor StaffJohn M
Exhibitor StaffTanna P
Artist Alley CoordinatorGlenda C
Artist Alley Assistant CoordinatorElaine N
Vendor CoordinatorPauline F
Vendor Assistant CoordinatorGarion B
IT/Technical Services ManagerBret B
IT CoordinatorBrent G
Technical CoordinatorBrad S
Technical Assistant CoordinatorRory S
Main Events Technical StaffKevin K
Technical StaffJaeyoon K
Technical StaffCameron W
Technical StaffJocelyn B
Technical StaffGary B
Logistics ManagerTaylor F
Logistics Assistant ManagerJess H
Logistics Team Leadjeremy B
Logistics Team LeadNathan L
Logistics StaffTyler D
Logistics StaffRidham P
Logistics StaffTyler M
Logistics StaffKevin H
Logistics StaffAngel J
Logistics StaffClayton G
Logistics StaffColt U
Transport CoordinatorJustin G
Transport StaffGalenthor N
Transport StaffJason M
Main Events ManagerAutumn P
Main Events Assistant ManagerArtem K
Main Events StaffLana E
Site LiaisonMelissa M
Assistant Site LiaisonJorden L