ASAPA presents

Animethon 26

Aug 9 - 11 / 2019 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Pins will be available at our merchandise booth at all times during the event, while supplies last. Note: only Animethon $7 pins are accepted for trade-ins.
As it turns out, Ryu was just trying to collect materials for his con crunching.

Pin art is by Zearyu (
Misaki and Nishi face off in an epic battle of ideals over whether Kaiju Ryu should be saved or destroyed.

Pin art is by Zearyu (
Mech Pilots Nishi and Misaki gear up to save the city from Kaiju Ryu's destruction and protect the citizens.

Pin art is by Zearyu (
Ryu rampages through the city destroying all in his path. Is there anyone brave enough to stop him?

Pin art is by Zearyu (