ASAPA presents

Animethon 27

Aug 7 - 9 / 2020 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Events / Gaming Hall / Gaming Stage

Gaming Stage Programming

We will be having a stage to showcase all the things going on in this hall! This is where you can come sit down and enjoy things like tournament finales, performances, and much more!
Gaming Stage Programming Schedule
Friday 11:00am Rock Band 50s-90s - Free Play
1:00pm Project Diva - Freeplay
2:00pm Tetris Effect - Highest Score Competition
3:30pm Don Bartlett - Fingerstyle Guitar
5:00pm Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Free-for-All Tournament
6:30pm Xander Mobus Commentary!
7:30pm Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Squad Strike Tournament Finals
9:00pm Rock Band 00s-10s - Free Play
Saturday 11:00am Don Bartlett - Fingerstyle Guitar
1:00pm BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle - Tournament Finals
2:00pmPuyo Puyo Tetris - Tournament Finals
3:00pm Dragon Ball FighterZ - Tournament Finals
4:00pmDon Bartlett - Fingerstyle Guitar
5:00pm Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 - Tournament Finals
6:00pm Super Smash Bros Melee - Tournament Finals
7:00pm Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] - Tournament Finals
8:00pm Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Tournament Finals
Sunday 11:00am League of Legends - Tournament Finals
1:00pm Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Tournament Finals
2:00pm Street Fighter V - Tournament Finals
3:00pm Tekken 7 - Tournament Finals


Don Bartlett (Fingerstyle Guitar)

Performance at Gaming Stage by Don Bartlett from Edmonton, AB

Don Bartlett is a rising member in the community of modern fingerstyle guitarists, specializing in distinct, technical solo-guitar arrangements taking influence from a wide span of genres, reaching from classical, to jazz, to video game music. Don's original works are smooth and graceful, with the capacity to transport listeners through his soundscapes. His articulate style continues to impress music and guitar lovers alike. Don's debut EP "Awake" was released in April 2016, and he is currently working on a full length collaboration project. 

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