ASAPA presents

Animethon 27

Aug 7 - 9 / 2020 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Animethon 26 Panel Descriptions

16 Years of Warrior Cats (AP)
Remember those books about wild cats? They were pretty neat right? I still think they are. Wanna talk about 'em?

"Where Do I Start?" (AP)
Whether you’re a newcomer to anime or a super fan, let's explore some notable anime in just about every genre!

A cosplayer's guide to cons (AP)
Femme Fatale Cosplay
A look into a convention through the eyes of a cosplayer; how to cosplay to your first con and have fun with the environment

Absolute Basic's (AP)
April S.
Want to know the tips and tricks of cosplay? From wigs to sewing I can teach you all the basics. Demos will happen. All Levels Welcome~

Adapting English lyrics for Anime cover songs! (AP)
Tara St. Michel
Have you ever wanted to sing your favorite anime songs in English? Sometimes Japanese is too hard to sing. Learn how to make singable English lyrics!

Adult LipSync battle (MP)
Are you the type who prefers songs of an adult nature, and want to lip sync to them? Come compete in this king of the hill style tournament to lipsync

Advance Cosplay Electronics (AP)
Do you want lights and motors in your next cosplay build. Do you want pulsing fading light animation.

Alita: Battle Angel (AP)
Chat about the Hollywood adaptation and learn more about the OVA and manga

An Intro To Magic The Gathering Commander: Learn To Play & Open Tournament (AP)
Come and discover the best multiplayer trading card game in town! Learn from members of the MTG community. On-demand tournament for all players!

Animal Crossing: Island Getaway (AP)
Kitty kye
Calling all animal crossing fans! Come test your knowledge, play mini games and trade amiibo cards and figures. Best AC cosplay gets a bonus prize!

Animating Accessibility: Sight and Sound (AP)
Let’s take a peek into this unusual topic and uncover how deafness and blindness are employed in anime and manga.

Anime Caption This (MP)
Anime Caption This returns, better than ever! React to our wild selection of captions. Make memes, post up on social media, or just have some laughs.

Anime Jeopardy Contest (AP)
Want to test your anime knowledge for fun and prizes? Get chosen from the audience to compete for the right to be called the Anime Jeopardy champion!

Anime Name Game (AP)
It's the anime version of Celebrity Name Game back again! Bring a partner and challenge yourselves to the fast-paced guessing game, anime style.

Anime Vine Jeopardy (14P)
How well do you know your anime? How about your Vines? Come test your knowledge and guess the anime or complete the dialogue of six second clips.

Anime Wits and Wagers (AP)
Anime Wits & Wagers is back with more insane trivia. Do you think you know anime? Wanna bet on it? It's the only panel where you can gamble to win!

Animethon Speed Friending! (14P)
Ever wanted to meet and talk with a whole bunch of other con-goers without any pressure? We have you covered!

BanG Dream! Girls Band Life! (AP)
BanG Dream! is all about the Girls Band life! Join us to learn about the girls, the bands, live performances, and the main game.

Bang Dream: Are You Truly Devoted? (AP)
Only for the most devoted BangDream fans. Come test your devotion with this boppin' quiz! We'll make the world smile! Kira Kira Doki Doki, Hey Hey Hoh

Bang Dream: Welcome to the Afterparty (AP)
Are you a fan of Bang Dream: Girls Band Party? Never heard of it? Let's start off with a BANG and show you the wonderful music of Bandori!

Beating the Post-Con Blues (AP)
The Tea-Drunk Tailor
Let's kick those post-con blues! This panel discusses the science behind your lethargy after a big event and offers many tips for feeling better fast.

Blood, Guts, and Gore: The Darker Side of Anime (MP)
Anyone who ever said the phrase “anime is just for kids” hasn’t seen some of the most violent (and best) series in anime history.

Chaldea Master Summit (14P)
Calling all Masters of Chaldea! Brush off your catalysts and gather your Saint Quartz for a panel discussing the hit game, Fate/Grand Order!

Convention Horror Stories (MP)
Got a convention horror story you need to share? Want to hear others stories? Come drop by for an hour of fun!

Cosplay Checkers (AP)
Come and participate in this Cosplay Chess spin off! It’s a game that everyone can game, with even more epic moves.

Cosplay Makeup 101 (AP)
Everything from giant eyes to crazy coloured eyebrows! Learn all of the basic makeup skills you need to bring your costume to the next level.

Cosplay makeup on a budget (AP)
Aly Jay artistry
Learn all the basic tips and tricks on makeup from a certified makeup artist. While learning how to keep it within your budget.

Cosplay Weapons (AP)
Ben Johnson
Making con legal prop weapons with easily obtained materials and minimal tools.

Cosplay: Behind the Seams (AP)
Aelfille Cosplay
Learn some secrets to making cosplays! Hear tips, tricks and hacks from experienced cosplayers - from both our successes and our failures.

Crossplay pageant (MP)
Time to set our contestants free in the improv Crossplay Pageant is known for! Enter for a chance to win the title of Crossplay Master Athon 2019!

Detective Conan / Case Closed (AP)
A chance for fans to discuss one of the longest running and most popular detective genre anime series!

DIRT LE4GUE: You Can (Not) Write Worth S#%t (MP)
You suck at writing. Perfect. Welcome to Dirt League. Write the absolute worst story you can. Go low and win big in our detestable fourth season.

Dirt League: BATTL RAPZ 3.0 (MP)
Help write the nastiest otaku battle raps ever and witness your team spit them at the opposition, destroying their self-esteem in the process.

Disney Singalong (AP)
The Revengers
We're back, you poor unfortunate souls! Will your reflection show who you are inside? Probably not but come sing along with us anyway~

Do You Know Zelda? 2019 (AP)
Test your knowledge of Legend of Zelda’s series! Can you ace this quiz? This year no phones are required!

Drawing Anime Eyes, Hair and Mouth: The Fundamentals And Their Variations (AP)
How do you draw anime eyes? How about specific hair for a certain character? Join us as we explore the key features of anime character drawing!

Everyone Can Draw Anime Characters! (AP)
Have you always wanted to draw your favorite anime characters but unsure where to start? Grab a pencil an join us for easy step-by-step fundamentals!

Exploring the anime world through Yokai and spooky Traditions (MP)
Love anime and horror? What about Japanese traditions, history? Come and explore the darker and more sinister themes in your favorite titles.

Fandom 101: Get Smart (AP)
Whether you've been here before or not join us to talk about cons, fandoms, and how it just keeps happening.

Friday Night Fanfiction: The Anime 3 (MP)
Friday Night Fanfiction podcast returns to Animethon to read the worst fanfiction there is, with an anime twist! Audience participation is required

Gender, Death and Japanese Culture: An Academic Look at Japan (AP)
A brief academic look and documentary screening on three facets of Japanese culture. Q & A to follow.

Get A Real Job! The Idols of THE iDOLM@STER SideM (14P)
Join us for a short look at THE iDOLM@STER SideM! Learn about the idols, games, music, and how even a convenience store clerk can shine on the stage.

Guess The Anime Theme (14P)
Listen to the anime theme and guess what anime it is from. Its pretty simple.

Guts and Glory: Anime Horror (14P)
Is gore an effective scare tactic in anime? Let's debate!

Hamilton: A ___ Musical (AP)
Do you want to be in the room where it happens? Join us for some lyric-guessing fun!

Health and Fitness Panel (AP)
Are you interested in getting in shape and improving your health but just don’t know where to start? Look no further.

Healthy Cosplay 101 (AP)
Not sure about contact lenses? Do high heels always hurt? How, exactly, can you prevent blisters? Learn from some ~old people~ who've done it all.

How Society Was Shaped By Hatsune Miku (14P)
Hatsune Mike
Hatsune Miku, a name shrouded in mystery by scholars of all fields. Until today.

How to add Story to your Cosplay (AP)
Autumn's Cosplay
This panel will discuss how to add details to a costume that adds a story telling aspect to your creation. This includes fabric choice and design!

How to be an Awesome GM (AP)
Trying to run your own tabletop RPG campaign but don't know where to get started? Come learn everything you need to become an awesome GM!

How to Prepare for Cosplay Contests! (AP)
Autumn's Cosplay
This panel will prepare you to enter cosplay contests! We will help walk you through how to talk to judges, build craftsmanship books, and more!

How to spot bootlegs (AP)
Learn how to identify bootlegs on the show floor, online, and in your collection.

Husbando vs Waifu; Game On! (AP)
Are you the best waifu? Number one husbando? Test your skills in a heated relay battle with prizes to be won, laughs to be had and buckets of sweat!

I choose you: pokeball crochet beanies (AP)
Love cute crochet caps? Want to show off your nerdy side? Follow along as we make adorable pokeball crochet beanies. Beginner friendly

Idol Random Dance Party (AP)
Come join us for a fun hour and a half of random dancing to your favourite idol songs, such as Love Live, Idol Masters and I7!

Instagram Tips and Tricks (14P)
So you want to become Instagram famous? Learn the ins and outs of Instagram and how to expand your craft, as well as techniques and important lessons!

Intro to 3D Printing Cosplay (AP)
Porzellan Cosplay
Learn the magical potential for 3D printing and cosplay! From the complete basics to advanced techniques, join me as I share all my secrets!

Intro to Blazblue (AP)
Have you ever wanted to learn about the Blazblue series? Or maybe you just want to have the whole story explained? Then this is the panel for you!

Intro to Granblue Fantasy (14P)
Curious about the Japanese rpg Granblue Fantasy? Then come learn about the world and how to get started journeying with your fellow Skyfarers!

Introduction to Ball-Joint Dolls (14P)
Learn all about Ball-Joint Dolls (BJDs) with your friendly neighborhood hobby veterans! Photos welcome.

Introduction to Pump It Up! (AP)
Interested in rhythm games? Learn about the Korean dancing rhythm game Pump It Up, and its growing Edmonton scene!

Introduction to Puyo Puyo Tetris (14P)
Interested in puzzled games? Come join us to learn about the world of Puyo Puyo Tetris and it's surprising competitive scene!

Introduction to TableTop Role Playing. Pathfinder Edition (AP)
Come learn tips and tricks of role-playing in a tabletop game! Learn the basics of how to get involved and how to create your own character with depth

Introduction to Weiss Schwarz TCG (14P)
Edmonton Weiss Schwarz
If you enjoy anime and card games, drop by and learn about Weiss Schwarz - a 2 player card battling game featuring your favorite anime characters!

K-Pop Random Dance Game (AP)
We know how much you all love K-Pop, so we're returning for another year! Come hang out with us and dance to all your favourite artists.

Kingdom Hearts: The Jeopardy War (AP)
Welcome to the Jeopardy War, a game show where Sora and Roxas need you to answer questions about their adventures. You know the plot! ...Right?

Know your K-pop? (AP)
The BAKA Group
You think you know a lot of K-pop? Come test your knowledge and battle it out with other teams to determine who really knows Classic K-pop.

Kpop Name That Tune! (14P)
We’re back my K-Poppers! Welcome to the 3rd Annual Consecutive Hunger Gam..uhh.I mean The 3rd Kpop Name That Tune! May the odds be ever in your favour

Let's Karaoke JOYSOUNDO (AP)
Come join us as we sing our favorite anisong/game song/idol songs using the Japanese JOYSOUND karaoke system for home consoles!

Let's Talk About Live-Action Anime Adaptations (14P)
Let’s face it, a live-action anime adaptation can be downright amazing or absolutely horrendous and Hollywood isn't the only one to blame!

Lip Sync For Your Life (AP)
IGotLost Cosplay
Do you like to be super extra? Well come be super extra with us and Lip Sync for Your Life!

Lipsync Battle (AP)
Think you can you know your favorite songs well enough to lipsync to them? Prove it, in this king of the hill style game show

Lolita Bootcamp (AP)
Noah Q. & Elias S.
Interested in lolita fashion? Come learn more about the style and get geared up with Lolita Bootcamp! (Now accepting oujis)

Makeup 101 (AP)
Femme fatale cosplay
Makeup 101, a look into the world of makeup and it’s basics. A live demonstration going over the latest trends and tips.

Male seiyuu 101 (AP)
Due to the recent influx of male idol series & mobile games, there has been a boom in the seiyuu industry. How to interact with your fave: A short 101

Moe Battle 2019 (AP)
We're back again with new girls fighting it out for the title of "Best Waifu" with this year's Moe Battle!

Music Games Panel 2nd Mix: Crazy Crazy Dancers (AP)
The music gaming panel is back! Featuring the genre's funniest oddities, and a chance to compete in a mind-bending music game challenge of our own!

Name that Anime by Tune! (AP)
Daniel And Alyssa
We're back again with more anime songs! Come test your skills at our game show where we’ll be testing your anime knowledge. Prizes will be available

No Wota? No Idol? Reloaded (AP)
Have you ever wanted to cheer on your favourite anisong artists, Japanese idol(s), or seiyuu(s), but are not sure how? If so, this panel is for you!

No Wota? No Idol? Wotagei Workshop (AP)
In our workshop, we will teach how to perform Wotagei, a high energy dance style popular with anisong/idol/seiyuu fans in Japan.

One Punch Man (AP)
Come chat about the popular anime series One Punch Man and learn about the manga and webcomic!

Positivity in cosplay (AP)
Femme Fatale Cosplay
A look into the diverse world of cosplay and all that belongs. How to navigate the online and con community and make it all a positive experience!

Re: Eorzea - Starting Life in Final Fantasy XIV (14P)
Edmonton FF XIV
If you've always wondered about MMORPGs (or even looking for a new one), come visit us as we introduce you to the world of Final Fantasy XIV!

Sailor Moon News (AP)
What's the latest on Sailor Moon? Universal Japan?? A new musical??? CRYSTAL???

Seek A Way Out! Interactive Puzzle Panel (14P)
Put the "fun" in funyarinpa with this team-based Zero Escape challenge!

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children (14P)
Hee-Ho! Did you know? ATLUS made some "Shin Megami Tensei" video games for children in 2000-2001. MegaTen for kids! What could possibly go wrong?

Space Marines: A Warhammer 40k Panel On The Emperor's Might (14P)
Come learn about Space Marines, one of the most iconic armies from Warhammer 40k. Learn the lore behind this army, and what goes into making them.

Spotlight on Hayao Miyazaki (AP)
A brief history of studio Ghibli and the co-creator Hayao Miyazaki.

Talk! At The Meet & Greet (AP)
Have you ever imagined talking to fellow anime-humans? Here's your chance. Don't be shy, kid. Forge friendships! Or more...

The Armoured Turnabout: Worbla VS Foam (AP)
The forever debate, what material is superior for armour making: foam? Or worbla? Come join the debate!

The Road to El Dorado: My Favourite YAOI? (14P)
HOLY SHIP! As the prophecies foretold, we’re digging deep into BOY’S LOVE! Discover why the armadillo is the true yaoi god.

Touhou 15.5 Tournament (AP)
Come test your danmaku and fighting skills against other players! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome to participate!

Touhou Project ~ Welcome to Gensokyo (AP)
Each year, the doujin industry creates an astonishing number of books, music, and games–and Touhou Project gets the best. But what exactly is Touhou?

Touken Ranbu (AP)
A fan of Touken Ranbu? Don't know what Touken Ranbu is? Come join us in a very thorough discussion about the Japanese Swords in History.

Toxic Cosplay Culture... and How to Avoid It (14P)
Bullying, elitism, anxiety: this is supposed to be a fun hobby, so where are these problems coming from?! We need to look at Cosplay's toxic side.

Traditional Japanese Clothing in Cosplay (AP)
The Tea-Drunk Tailor
Confused by hakama ties and waraji sandals? This panel discusses how to wear traditional Japanese clothing correctly and even how to make it yourself!

Travel to International Conventions! (AP)
The only thing more exciting than going to a convention... is going to a convention in another country! But before you go, here's some useful advice!

Tribute to Wake Up, Girls! (AP)
WUG! Chanting, wotagei and tribute to one of the BEST idol series: Wake Up, Girls! (WUG).

Warhammer, a world of unending wars and ceaseless terrors (14P)
An introduction into the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The presentation will be given by Nathan Love with QA afterwards.

Who's Tune is it Anyways? (14P)
Think you know anime songs? Think you could answer 14 questions about anime songs in a row? Then come give this a try and win a prize!

Wigs 101 (AP)
Nicole Letersky
Come learn about the Basics of wigs! From what wig to buy, storage and care, cut, style and more!

Writing 103: Villains and Scheming (14P)
What makes a super villain? The presentation! Learn how to write a flawed villain to oppose your intrepid young heroes!

Yaoi Panel 18+ (MP)
Welcome one and all to the Yaoi panel! Come learn about current or new boys' love from anime to visual novels and play a few games!

Zapp's Spaceship of Love: D&D Critical Fail (14P)
Do you like D&D? Do you hate D&D? Do you not care either way and just see a bunch of nerds embarrass themselves? Join our D&D audience improv game!

Zapp's Spaceship of Love: Otaku History (14P)
Join our panel of historians as we go through absurd yet memorable moments in Otaku History, with most of us being as blind to the content as you!