ASAPA presents

Animethon 26

Aug 9 - 11 / 2019 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Artist Form

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Order Information
Table (2 x 6 feet)Each Artist Table contains a 6 feet x 2 feet table, two chairs and includes two (2) Artist Alley Passes; one for the Artist and an Assistant160.00
Additional Artist Alley PassA26 Additional Artist Alley Pass for more assistants20.00
Discount Event PassA26 Discount Event Pass (Limit 1 per Artist Alley Pass, max 6)35.00
ParkingParking (Per Stall for Friday, Saturday & Sunday; limit 2 per Table) 60.00
ParkingParking (Per Stall for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday; limit 2 per Table) 75.00
Order Total $

Prices include GST.

An Artist Alley Pass does not grant access to the event itself; just to the Exhibition Halls A, B and C, and in behind the Artist Alley tables. Discounted event passes are only available with a corresponding Artist Alley pass.
Vehicle Details
If you have selected parking
In order to help us better coordinate loading and offloading please supply the following:
  • Your Vehicle type and dimensions
  • If using a trailer, also its dimensions
  • If you're choosing the parking option and require more then one stall
More details will be provided for those that choose the parking option closer to the Event. Parking cost is for one standard stall only. If parking is required for oversized vehicles, trucks or vehicles with trailers, please provide dimensions (length and width) and we will then inform you the number of required stalls needed. Parking cost is for one standard stall only(16' X 9.5') Cost of additional stalls will be $45 each.

Submission Instructions
Once you have submitted this form correctly we will contact you with further details.

Please note: Payment will not be accepted before you receive an invoice.
Signature of Artist
I agree to abide by all Animethon policies polices and have read, understood and agree to abide by the Artist Alley Contract.

I hereby grant permission to ASAPA and Animethon send me promotional emails related to the current and future events. I understand I can be removed from the mailing list upon request.


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Please note: All applicants must be 18 and over.

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