ASAPA presents

Animethon 2022

Aug 5 - 7 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Exhibitors / Artist Alley

Artist Alley

Animethon Artist Alley is located in the Exhibition Hall (Hall B & C) of the Edmonton Convention Centre. This year, standard artist tables will be chosen based on a lottery system, and premium booths will be juried.

The Artist Alley online sign up form will be live from March 4th, 2022 until the end of April 8, 2022. In order to request a table, the following steps MUST be followed:

1) Please read the Animethon Artist Alley Contract fully before signing up. We also encourage you review ASAPA general policies.

Artist Alley Package (PDF) ASAPA Policies

2) On or after March 4th, use the Artist Alley Sign Up Form below request a table and add-ons. Please DO NOT submit any payment until you have been notified to do so.

Artist sign up

3) Within 3 weeks of April 8, 2022, Animethon will email successful applicants. If you have been awarded a table in Exhibitor Hall, your final cost and instructions for payment will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a portfolio review or jury process involved in getting a table?
Animethon welcomes artists of all skill levels. However, we do award Premium Tables via a jury.

2. So why do I need to have a website/portfolio for sign-up?
This is asked to make sure what you're selling is fit for the Artist Alley, as sometimes we get applicants more fitting for the Vendors area. For those signing up for Premium Tables, we allot tables through jury selection.

3. What can I sell in the Artist Alley?
If it has your artwork on it or was handmade by you, it is generally allowed in the artist alley. If you are selling hand-crafted props, they must comply with event prop policies. If you are unsure of whether something is allowed, please ask!

4. What can I NOT sell in the Artist Alley?
You may not sell any items that violate copyright or trademarks. This includes official logos, alterations or reproductions of official artwork, and bootlegs, as well as items that infringe on the work of independent artists.

Absolutely NO realistic weapons are permitted for sale.

Fan-art is allowed as long as it follows the above rules.

5. What is the process for getting a table?
Fill out the above form in its entirety.

Submitting the form DOES NOT SECURE YOU A TABLE. Regular tables will be awarded by lottery once the sign-ups are closed. Premium Tables will be awarded by jury. You will receive information about the contract and table payment when you are awarded a table, and you must supply payment in a timely manner to secure your table.

6. How many tables are available?
We have 112 regular tables available this year, along with 9 Premium Tables.

7. How many tables can one artist have?
There is a strict limit of 1 table per artist.

8. Can I share my table?
Tables may be split by no more than 2 artists. No exceptions. Note that this does not mean you can sublet or sell your table to someone else.

9. When do I need to be at my table?
You must have someone with an Artist Alley badge behind your table for the entirety of the Artist Alley hours of operation. Artist Alley staff may be available to watch your table for up to 30 minutes, to help out artists travelling alone.

We require your table to be manned at all times not only because empty tables look bad, but also because leaving your table empty for long periods of time is unfair to those who were not able to get a spot in the Artist Alley.

10. How big are the tables?
Tables are 2’ x 6’, and come with 2 chairs and a white vinyl table cover. All displays must be made of sturdy materials. The Artist Alley coordinator has the final call on whether a display is safe; those deemed to be unsafe must be taken down or adequately reinforced to remain in the Alley. There will be an inspection by a fire marshal before we open AA.

This year we will be using tape to denote the table spaces. The entirety of your display and personal items must be within the boundaries of your table.

11. How much is a table?
Tables are $220. This includes two (2) Exhibitor Passes that grant you access to the entire event. Additional Exhibitor Passes are available for $55 each. You can purchase a maximum of four (4) additional Exhibitor Passes for a total of six (6).

12. Where is the Artist Alley located?
The Artist Alley is located in the Exhibitors Hall within Hall B and C on the Assembly Level of the Edmonton Convention Centre.

13. I don't want my table any more or can't make it to the event, can I get a refund?
There are no refunds after purchase, all sales are final.

14. What are these Premium Tables?
This is a new thing we are trying this year. These are bigger spaces with two tables, pipe and drape, and power. They are $620 each.

15. How are tables assigned?
In short: as randomly as possible. We assign the seating by lottery and then shuffle to meet any grouping requests or accommodations.

16. Can I request a specific table?
No. However, if you need special accommodation due to a disability, please let know ASAP.

17. What if I want to sit by someone specific?
You can definitely email with a request, however it is not guaranteed. We do our best to accommodate.

18. My friend couldn’t be here, can I sell their stuff?
Unfortunately, no. This is considered “proxy selling” and isn’t allowed. All items at your table must be made by you.