ASAPA presents

Animethon 27

Aug 7 - 9 / 2020 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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AMV Room

If you like watching AMV's, then we’ve got you covered all weekend long! This year we are bringing you the world of AMV's non-stop from Friday through Sunday in Animethon’s very own dedicated AMV Room! With the largest high-quality Anime Music Video digital archive at its disposal, the AMV Room features many different blocks and themes to keep you entertained for the entire weekend.

Programming highlights:

AMV Category Courtroom
Some AMVs are really hard to categorize! Think you can do better? Join us as we show some of the toughest AMVs Contest coordinators have ever had to sort. For each video, we’ll recruit a group of “Category Lawyers” from the audience to make a case for what category it belongs in. YOU are the jury!

AMV Gameshow 
A Gameshow build around AMVs returns for more competitive action. Yes, we have prizes and the chance to become the AMV 2019 Gameshow Champion!

AMV Mortal Combat 3.0
Back once again. Come join the fun as we pit AMVs to fight it out in the video arena. Cheer on your favorites and help decide the fate of AMVs in Mortal Combat!

AMV Showcase
We’ve reached into our grab-bag and come up with a choice selection of AMV awesomeness from all over the world, some of which might never have been seen before.

AMVs That Made Us Buy the Anime
Have you ever watched an AMV and you just have to go buy or watch it? Well you will after watching these.

Children of Daicon
You might not recognize the name “Daicon,” but you’ll definitely recognize its descendants: Gainax and Studio Trigger, two companies whose roots actually trace back to what can arguably be considered one of the very first AMVs ever made. Join us for a fun bit of history as we showcase a medley of AMVs made to Gainax and Studio Trigger titles from yesteryear to today!

Choose Your Own AMV Adventure
With brand new stories this year, join us as we tell epic stories through AMVs, with you, the audience, deciding the direction each story takes!

Comedy & Parody AMVs
The most popular block in the AMV room is back. Get your seat earlier as this block fill up fast!

Gundam’s 40th Anniversary AMVs
Since this year is we are celebrating Gundam’s  40th Anniversary, join us as we take a journey through the world that is Gundam by showing  some of the best Gundam AMVs. A must for Mecha Fans!

Studio Ghibli AMVs
Come enter a very special world filled with friendship, magic and spectacular characters as we journey through laughter, sadness and moments filled with great memories.

The Pre-Midnight Run
Ride along with us on the Vindication, as TOM and SARA host a late night AMV tribute to our favorite Toonami shows, both old and new. Stay gold!

Ultimate Rhythm Power Hour
Join us for an ultimate hour-long non-stop mega-mix of rhythmic AMV euphoria that escalates the beat and elevates the soul, no psychotropics necessary!

Programming hosted by our AMV Guest King Redeem

AMV Trailers
Want to see more incredible trailers to our favorite Anime that we wish were actual previews for the movie? If so you’ve come to the right place!

Forget Sailor Moon, now it’s Sailor Mouth! An AMV showcase curated with the most profane language we can’t show you anywhere else… Holy $#%&... Hilarity will ensue!

AMV Sing, Clap & Stomp-A-Long
The end of every show deserves a bit of roof raising applause. Come finish the weekend off right as we Sing-A-Long, Clap-A-Long and Stomp-A-Long to AMVs!

King Redeem Spotlight
Journey through the mind of King Redeem as she shows and talks about a variety of his AMVs. Some of these are considered classics already, so make sure to come to this one.

What Happens Next? AMV Game Show
AMVs have been known to be outrageously unpredictable. Think YOU have what it takes to guess the outcomes?? Flex your powers of premonition as we select volunteer contestants to make their best guess from a variety of multiple choice questions!