ASAPA presents

Animethon 27

Aug 7 - 9 / 2020 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Volunteering and Staffing information will be provided in due course. If you've been staff recently then expect an email regarding our staff recall for A27. Thank you.

About Working with Animethon

Animethon is powered by the committed Volunteers and Staff who dedicate their time and effort year-round and during each event. When you volunteer with us, you join a team of Managers, Coordinators, and other Staff and Volunteers who are passionate about working together to plan events, organize people, and help our attendees be safe. We are currently seeking people with a passion for fostering community who can manage time and resources effectively and communicate efficiently in high-energy environments. Animethon also strives to be a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Staff and Volunteers are expected to work towards maintaining this safe space.

About Volunteering

While everyone working for Animethon is a volunteer, you may want to consider applying for a Department-Specific Staff position if you can commit specific skills or would like to help out ahead of the event. Staff have access to exclusive benefits, including free admission to the event. On average, most year-round Staff spend a few hours one or two Saturdays a month on their Staff duties. Other Staff only work during events, but all staff must work a minimum number of hours in their role. To become Staff, Volunteers must be 16 years-of-age or older and harbour a professional mindset. Please tell us about any skills or experience you have when you apply.

Day-Of Volunteers are expected to report to the Volunteer Coordinator, be punctual, and professionally carry out their assigned duties while on shift. Volunteers must commit at least 6 hours during the event and attend a Volunteer Orientation session. Volunteers are also required to purchase a valid pass for days they wish to volunteer, if applicable. Reimbursement is available based on the type of pass purchased and number of hours worked, as detailed below. You must be at least 14 years-of-age by August 8, 2020to volunteer for Animethon 27.

We are always recruiting Volunteers and Staff! Join us and tell your friends!
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For more information about volunteering with Animethon please contact us at